Welcome to the world of colour with Kossan Paint! When it comes to selecting the best paint brand from the countless of a paint company in Malaysia, quality does matter, and it makes a significant difference in the world of the palette. As the trusted paint manufacturer in Malaysia, we are always committed to providing our valued customer with the finest standard quality of products, services and support. Let Kossan Paint Inspire you with vibrant and ever-lasting colour.

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Defining the Ultimate Quality with Kossan Paint

Here are the factors that define the quality paint of us apart from the rest Malaysia paint company:

·      Long Lasting

High-quality paint always tends to last longer. We always provide a smoother, more-uniform appearance extending the life and time between needing another paint job down the road. In another word, a high-quality paint does not need as many coatings but still able to achieve the necessary amount of coverage and the desired result, which is a much better option than purchasing bulk cans of inferior quality paint. The choice is crucial, but it does not have to be difficult.

·      Higher Pigment Content

The quality paint always comes with the best colour saturation. It simply comes with appealing looks than lesser-quality paint samples. This is the reason why our paint contains better pigment solids, which are the main ground-up materials in creating a specific shade, more resins and less water content. The pigment provides the gloss, coverage and colour of the paint.

·      Easier to apply

Selecting the best quality paint also means that the process of application would be much smoother and easier as it tends to roll better on the surface. Thus, you would enjoy less rolling, less brushing, and even less retouching. This also means that you could bid goodbye to the clean-up after the work.

Get the Most out of Your Paint

That goes without saying that a high-quality paint coating starts with ingredients that allow the paint to apply easily, last longer and look better. As one of the best Malaysia paint manufacturers, we always value the quality of our paint to ensure you receive the result that you desired for all the time. Get in touch with us now!