Wood Adhesive


Incorporated in year 2004, Kossan Adhesive has acquired a solid reputation in trading of quality wood working adhesives. What started as a small trader in 2004 with mainly local customers, has expanded to creating branches and overseas trading partners in Johor, Sabah and Vietnam. Using revolutionary technology, Kossan Adhesive has succeeded in creating products that have even passed the stringest D4 standards in Germany.

Kossan Adhesive is continuously investing in skilled trainings and product innovations to provide high quality products at a reasonable price.

The operational premise currently resides along Jalam Meru, Klang with state of the art facility comprising manufacturing, trainings and research and developments.

As a leader in the industry, Kossan Adhesive (M) Sdn Bhd combines dedication of high standards and technologies to come up with products with international recognitions.

Our range of products are :-

a. Woodworking adhesives

  • Laminations, assembly, finger or butt jointings, veneering.

b. Door manufacturing adhesives

  • Honey comb door, fire retardent doors, flush doors.

c. Overlay adhesives

  • Paper to MDF/ chipboards/ plywoods.
  • Veneer to MDF/ chipboards/plywoods.

d. Picture frames adhesives

  • Moulding/ coating, frame jointing, foil attachments.

e. Edge banding adhesives (hot melt)

  • Paper to MDF/ Chipboards/ plywood.
  • PVC to MDF/ Chipboards/ plywoods.
  • Veneer to MDF/ Chipboards/ plywoods.
  • Automatic and manual edge bander adhesive

After Sales & Technical Services

To ensure complete usage peace of minds, Kossan Adhesive (M) Sdn Bhd has a powerful and efficient service and repair team that maintains the quality and performance of the adhesive dispensers and applicators that are supplied to selected customers.

Prompt services and minimal breakdowns are always our priorities.

Expertise of our technical support team will be shared with our customers to achieve high productivities.

Research & Developments

Kossan Adhesive allocates a substantial amount of its resources in the quest to develop new and innovative adhesives in pace with the current fast changing environments. At our labs, chemists create and test superior quality adhesive for future productions.

Table of Pyhsical Properties

Process Adhesive model Properties
Polymers / Binders Appearance Total solid (%) Viscosity (cps)
Wood lamination KA-D4561 * Vinyl urethane resin Milky white liquid 44 ± 2 9000 ± 2000
KA-D4561L * Vinyl urethane resin Milky white liquid 46 ± 2 7000 ± 2000
KA-D3315 Polyvinyl accetate Milky white liquid 54 ± 2 8000 ± 1000
Finger/butt jointing KA-D2360 Polyvinyl accetate Milky white liquid 44 ± 1 4500 ± 1000
KA-D2366 Polyvinyl accetate Milky white liquid 40 ± 1 9000 ± 1000
KA-D2367 Polyvinyl accetate Milky white liquid 44 ± 2 10000 ± 1000
KA-D2368 Polyvinyl accetate Milky white liquid 42 ± 1 10000 ± 2000
Assembly / dowel adhesive KA-D2000 Polyvinyl accetate Milky white liquid 59 ± 1 30000 ± 10000
KA-D2005 Polyvinyl accetate Milky white liquid 52 ± 1 12000 ± 3000
KA-D2096 Polyvinyl accetate Pale white liquid 58 ± 1 11000 ± 2000
EPI BOND 1388A Epoxy Water clear 100 8500 ± 500/td>
EPI BOND 1388B Polyamide Light amble 100 35000 ± 3000
Hot melt adhesive KA-HM501 Synthetic resin (EVA) White @210°C, 80000 to 90000
KA-HM541 Synthetic resin (EVA) Light yellowish @210°C, 80000 to 90000
KA-HM520A Synthetic resin (EVA) Milky white @204°C, 80000 to 90000
KA-HM520L Synthetic resin (EVA) Light yellowish @204°C, 80000 to 90000

* Recommended usage with Kossan KA-D400H MDI hardener.

The Adhesive in the Wood Crafting & Construction

Wood adhesive comes in as a term that encompasses many products for a variety of applications. However, all these products are polymers that designed for the joining of timber elements through application to the timber surfaces and binding everything through either physically interlocking or with chemical reaction.

The wood adhesive is commonly used under the controlled conditions in the production of structural wood products. These products include finger-jointed sawn timber, laminated logs, glulam, plywood and laminated veneer lumber.

Nevertheless, there are several types of adhesive and choosing the right product is essential in keeping your work smooth and hassle-free. The use of each of these might vary based on the properties such as strength, curing time, viscosity and water resistance.

Choosing the Right Type of Wood Glue Malaysia

When looking for the wood glue in Malaysia, you will see there are few varieties of wood glue. Most of the wood glues are synthetic polymers or resins that are much sturdier and stronger than the wood itself. Besides, each type of glue differs in terms of bond durability, toxicity, flexibility and waterproofness. Here are the most popular types of wood adhesives:

Get the Best Wood Glue Price from Trusted Adhesive Manufacturer in Malaysia

Selecting the right woodworking adhesive can make a difference in your production line. As one of the best adhesive manufacturers in Malaysia, we offer an extensive range of solution to the users in this regard. Suitable for a variety of application or any type of material, just what your business ness to excel. Drop us a line for more information regarding our products!