Industrial Paint

Everything You Should Know About Industrial Coating Paint Malaysia

Industrial paint in Malaysia is one of the essential types of paint that is applied to numerous derivatives like steel or concrete. It is coated on in a way that is designed to be both protective as well as aesthetic. It also is known as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) coatings, where these industrial-grade products can be used for numerous applications.

A well-chose industrial paint makes manufactured products look more aesthetic and last longer. Almost every material used to manufacturer an OEM product needs the protective coating from the industrial paint. The coating will extend the overall lifetime of the material, which in turn curbs the costs for replacement.

By using the formulated coating material during the finishing process, it helps to protect and strengthen the OEM product. They can be applied using the paint rollers, airless sprayers or brushes.

The Need of Industrial Coating for Metal

Industrial coating or metal finishing has come to refer to protecting both metal and non-metal surfaces. It has typically referred to the process of applying a finishing coat to protect the metal products. It also can include both paint and non-paint coatings solutions.

The metal itself is highly susceptible to rust of material wherever both moisture and oxygen are presents. Besides, the pollutants like sulphur dioxide or salt only accelerate the degenerative process. Here are the main reasons why you need industrial coating for steel:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Increased strength & durability
  • Increased adhesion
  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Enhanced solderability

Types of Industrial Coating

Here are some of the commonly used types of higher performance polymers in OEM industrial coatings. These polymers are available to formulate in the modern, waterborne system, or low solvent. Check out the benefits of each coating that brings to their applications: