Finding and buying the best paint in Malaysia for a new house could be one of the most exciting parts of the job. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint that ready to transform your living spaces. Best of all, with countless colours to go for, the creative possibilities seem to be endless. So, selecting the best paint for redecoration would be the easiest way to ensure you get to express the style and vibe that you want on your walls.

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How to Choose the Best Colour?

So, you have got your heart set on ‘red’. However, which kind of red out of all the hundreds is the right one? The key factor here is to choose a colour or tone that would blend well with your furnishings, flooring, fixtures, and that would make a great masterpiece to your eyes. With Kossan Malaysia, here are some of the useful tips that worth to follow:

·      Consider the Function of the Room

Remember, the paint colour that you choose will set the mood and vibe of the room completely. Whether it is cosy, stylish, subtle or minimalist look – all of these can be set by the tone, and it is crucial to choose the mood that based on how you want to embed the room. A bedroom with a warm and serene tone will create a calming space that you will ever need. If you want a living room that looks lively, a bright white with the feature of a bright colour like indigo will make the space looks vibrant and dynamic.

·      Always Use the Test Pot

For some reason, colours might not look the same as it in the tin or the one they do one the wall. Thus, constantly making sure to check the light and substrate colours do not vary the tone of the paint beyond recognition.

·      Follow Your Heart

Always choose what you want, as to how you paint your space reflect your personality and character! Even though Pinterest could be a lovely reference tool, it also could lead to mistakes. Al those flawless interior design in the picture does not mean it will work perfectly in all spaces. From lighting, ceiling height to furnishings, all of these factors play an essential role in portray the finest of your space.

Kossan Klang in Malaysia – The Best Paint Brand for Your House

With the endless colours of palettes, the one single thing that stays constant – which is the highest quality of paint brands. As one of the best household name around the world, Kossan Paint Malaysia always provides interior paints for every surface and a room in a wide array of colour palettes.